"Andrew was a breath of fresh air in a cloud of Internet slackers"

  1. Steve Harmon SJ Harmon Photography, Owner

    Andrew was a breath of fresh air in a cloud of Internet slackers. His timeliness and professionalism was a step up from what I was used to. Andrew's skills match his demeanor resulting in a project that flowed smoothly from front to end. He translated my layman's descriptions into technical realities. Best of all, I got exactly what I wanted and it came in right at his estimate. I will continue to use Andrew on subsequent projects.

  2. James Turner Sanda Communications, Manager

    When Andrew sets out to do something, he will get it accomplished. He has exceptional talent and we were lucky to have him on as part of the team. Andrew will stay late and show up early to make sure client projects are delivered on time and in a professional manner.

  3. Rika Bering Silverton Hospital, Marketing Colleague

    I worked with Andrew at Silverton Hospital and greatly appreciated his talent and easy manner. He was very helpful and knowledgeable, answering my questions patiently and offering useful suggestions and solutions. His end work was creative and beautiful. I hope to work with Andrew again some day.


  1. Andrew Cooper

    I started out over ten years ago as a freelance web designer and matured my skillset over the years working for companies like Harley Davidson, Providence Health & Services, and General Electric. Now, as a Senior UX Designer, I'm always exploring the deep world of user-centered design and looking to the future to continue adjusting to the ever-changing world of technology.

    In my off-time, you can find me spending time with my family (and my new baby girl!) or hiking, fishing and just playing in Oregon's beautiful backyard.

  2. I believe the integrity of the design process can be powerful, and when executed correctly, it can yield amazing results.

  3. I enjoy seeing the world through someone else’s eyes, and I work hard to carry that over into my work each and every day.

  4. As a compulsive problem-solver, I strive to excel in excellent visualization, collaboration, and communication.


  • Platt Electric: Mobile Site Overhaul (1/6)

    As lead UX designer, I pulled apart every aspect of the site and reworked it into a highly organized, highly functional app and mobile site. I also provided task supervision and front-end coding support throughout the project. Read on to view this project's UX highlights.

  • User Research (2/6)

    I spent time at Platt branches talking to our customers and doing contextual interviews to develop a strong set of Personas and User Stories to boost clarity, productivity and help establish metrics of project success.

  • Culture of UX (3/6)

    I walked stakeholders through a completed experience map I developed, sharing data that supports my depiction of the user journey: interviews, observations, web data, etc. I also pointed out pain-points and opportunities, and guided stakeholders in the development of turning these insights into an online ordering roadmap.

  • Information Architecture (4/6)

    Taking the checkout process into specific consideration, I used LucidCharts to create a UML sequence diagram that deconstructed the flow down to its most basic elements and brought visibility to programmatic problem areas and user interaction points to insure efficient web development.

  • User Interface (5/6)

    Using our Personas as our guide and the UML as our structure for interaction scenarios, I created high level mockups using Balsamiq to get the visual look and feel established.

  • Launch & Iterate (6/6)

    After thorough QA revisions and extensive beta testing by a vetted groups of customers, a hub and spoke pattern launched with the totally redesigned and refocused mobile website and iOS and Android apps, as well as an HTML 5 app for Windows Phone and Blackberry.

  • Rexel USA

    UX reviews & redesigns: I lead presentations to executives, product teams, and international marketing directors on how to identify and fix their UI/UX trouble spots. I also held seminars on SEO, front-end coding best practices, and project management.

  • Providence Health & Services

    Work side-by-side with marketing directors and physicians to launch web marketing campaigns, health podcast channels, and design one-off sites like Bridge Pedal, Festival of Trees, and the Providence Cancer Center.

  • Freelance

    Manage the lifecycle of product design from sketches and wireframes to visual design, prototypes, and front-end implementation. Effectively design and code over 30 Harley Davidson dealership websites throughout the US. Consult clients on SEO, HTML 5 and dynamic content.

  • Silverton Health

    Lead presentations about future web improvements and their implementation from pre-prod through post-launch. Present new ideas and creative multi-media opportunities to marketing and executive staff. Spearhead site redesigns and maintenance of multiple corporate sites.